With the closure of Xbox Live Indie Games and Windows Phone stores, you can no longer purchase Text Zedventure on any platform. Previous pricing and download links, as well as other details, remain below.

My first video game, Text Zedventure – released on Xbox 360 (on its Xbox Live Indie Games service) and Windows Phone – is a text-only adventure where you must escape a city ravaged by a mysterious infection.

Explore a deserted residence, train station and shopping centre in three unique chapters with multiple endings. Chapters are designed for replayability, where choices can lead to dramatically different outcomes.

The game was priced at 80 Microsoft Points (£0.65 / $1.00 / €1.00) on Xbox 360 (store link) and £0.79 / $1.00 / €1.00 on Windows Phone (store link).

What critics had to say about Text Zedventure

“Matthew Reynolds’ moody little masterpiece is surprisingly pacy for a text game… This is far more gripping than it should be.” Official Xbox Magazine UK

“Short but enviably sharp, with a streamlined interface and evocative visual design… It’s a relic, certainly, but a charming and very literate one.” Edge Magazine

“There’s a solid understanding of what makes adventure games work here – the story fills out pleasingly as you follow the breadcrumb trail of options, and the simple presentation fits extremely well with the grisly story – playing through the game is a surprisingly tense experience.” The Guardian

“Yet despite its simplistic, bare-bones nature, Text Zedventure creates the kind of tension and atmosphere that most games fail miserably to conjure up… But it’s gripping and there are some interesting situations and dilemmas that really made me stop and think about my next decision.” GamesRadar


What is Text Zedventure?

Text Zedventure is a text-only adventure where you must escape a city ravaged by a mysterious infection. There are three chapters – a deserted residence, train station and shopping centre – and each one has multiple endings. Chapters are designed for replayability, where a single choice can lead to a dramatically different outcome.

How do you play the game? Do I need a keyboard?

No – it’s entirely driven by either a controller or touch-screen, and since it’s in the style of a choose-your-own-adventure game, does not require any sort of text input. On Xbox 360, are given choices on each screen and select them using the face buttons. (Green text would be selected with A, for example.) On Windows Phone, all text is in white, with commands selected using touch input.

Any differences in the Windows Phone 7 version?

Aside from the redesigned interface, none. It features the same trial length and complete three chapters as the console release.

So this is a charity game? Why do a timed charity offer?

From the game’s initial Xbox Live release in April 2010 to May 31 2010, all profits went to Save The Rhino after Microsoft’s take. After this date, 36% of profits from the Xbox 360 version go to charity. All profits on Windows Phone go to the developer.

The thought process the timed charity offer is that Xbox Live Indie Games are seen as, by and large, a quick impulse purchase. I decided that having a timed offer would incentivise a purchase sooner than later, reducing the risk that the user back out of buying the game.

Hopefully this will raise more money for charity faster and with higher funds raised. Charity games on the service have had a mixed response previously, so hopefully this tactic improved that.

I’m colourblind. How do I see the text commands?

Press the right bumper (RB – which is the button, not the trigger) to bring up button icons next to each choice.

How many endings are there to each chapter?

There are a handful in most of them, so experiment with choices and see what you find. The exception is the introductory House chapter, which has a single conclusion - though there is a bonus, secret ending...

Is there somewhere I can discuss the game?

You can discuss Text Zedventure at both Xbox.com and GameFAQs.

Will you create another game?

Maybe? One day? When I have the time!