Matthew has been responsible for writing, editing and updating guides for some of the biggest new releases and live service games at Polygon (author page) and (author page).

He is also is one of the most prolific guide contributors of all time on GameFAQs (author page) and dabbles in retro game guides on YouTube in his spare time (channel page).

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Selected guides coverage at

Live service game coverage for Pokémon Go (such as Eevee Evolutions, levelling guide, XL Candy), Destiny (Presage walkthrough, levelling guide), and Fortnite (Fortbyte collectable locations, Battle Star locations).

Walkthroughs for some of the biggest single player games of recent years, including Resident Evil 7, Resident Evil 2 Remake, The Last of Us Part 2, Zelda: Link's Awakening and Death Stranding.

Writing and editing in-depth coverage on 2022's biggest release Elden Ring, including a beginner's guide (as recommended by The Guardian),  best starting class and best armor to find.

Guides for industry events such as an E3 and gamescom conference schedule, and evergreen pages for services such as Xbox Game Pass and PlayStation Plus.

Selected retro guides on YouTube

Unlocking Shenmue's most elusive cutscenes

How to find all 96 exits in Super Mario World

All major missables in the original Final Fantasy VII

Where to find the Thermal Goggles in Metal Gear Solid